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Scroll down for your CORE 14 Day Sweat Sesh workouts. Every day’s different — super effective & never boring — with different lengths built in. You get some bonus tips & resources, too.


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Note: **Check with your doctor if you have any concerns before starting an exercise program.**

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Your 14 Day Workout

Weeks 1 & 2

Cardio Benefits

Cardio Calculator

For example, a 35-year-old woman’s maximum heart rate is 220 minus 35 — or 185 beats per minute (bpm).

Fat Burning Target Heart Rate Estimator

Heart Rate Calculator

More About CORE

Full On-Demand Video Library

You have anytime access to our full library of 250+ workout videos. From full-body and cardio to stretching and recovery. Easily filterable & searchable to tailor the workout to you and your goals.
Additionally for our Engagement members, we have premium video categories like Neuro-based videos, past Engagement Live workouts, and more than 12 hours of Pilates Reformer workouts.

Modifications, Progressions, Regressions

Whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury or chronic condition OR you’re an athlete who wants to achieve your next personal best, Misha presents ways to scale back the intensity (but not the effectiveness) or ramp up the challenge.

Engagement Lives & Workout of the Week (WOW)

With the CORE Engagement Membership, you get access to weekly tailored workouts to challenge and inspire your routine. You also get access to our premium live workouts with Misha to bring your fitness to the next level.

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CORE brings you more than 250 workout videos that bring you total-body fitness and whole-body wellness.

Plus, CORE — the innovative online workout program –now features Reformer workouts, each 30+ minutes. New content added regularly! 

  • Pilates Reformer
  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Stretching / Recovery
  • Pregnancy
  • Injury Rehab
  • Brain-Based

Ranging from less than 10 minutes to 45 minutes, you can find the workouts that fit your schedule and workout mood. 

Plus, with a live weekly class, structured weekly workouts, free access to fun fitness challenges, and more, your CORE Engagement membership can help turn your dream of whole-body fitness into reality. 

But what really makes CORE different from so many online exercise programs? In each workout, I share tips on how to tailor it to your needs — whether you have existing injuries or chronic conditions, you’re pregnant, new to exercise, or you’re an athlete looking to get to your next level of performance and fitness.

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