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CORE is the fitness program that fits your life.

Misha Patel and the CORE Team designed CORE to build your health and wellness in a safe, progressive way. You’ll see results that increase over time. You’ll feel improvement, not intimidation. Confidence, not overwhelm. Stamina, not burnout.

Are You Ready to:

  • Improve mobility
  • Build strength
  • Boost confidence
  • Increase fitness
  • Reduce pain
  • Rehabilitate from injury
  • Reduce stress
  • Reach your personal best



CORE Success Map

Focus areas to build whole body-mind fitness over time.

  • 1


    Abs & Balance | Addressing pain

  • 2


    Arms & Legs | Addressing lack of time

  • 3


    Cardio / Food mindset

  • 4

    Dynamic Power

    Strength in movement / Addressing continual progress

  • 5

    No Limits

    Recovery / Addressing long-term habits



Monthly Guided Content

Support and guidance to grow in fitness and health.

  • Themed workouts
  • CORE Success Map monthly challenges
  • Customized workouts of the week
  • Robust library of exercises and workout for additional variation and challenge
  • Access to Core Community



No Limits

CORE is like having your very own dedicated fitness team at home.

  • Genuinely feel excited and eager (instead of overwhelmed and with no time) to your health and workouts
  • Part of a Community with shared vision and support
  • You have the tools, tips, and support to continue building healthy habits
  • You are part of the Core Crew. It's all about camaraderie, encouragement, and RESULTS!

CORE: Isn’t Just another Online Fitness Membership

It’s not a bunch of exercise videos. And it’s certainly not a place where you have to figure out the best workouts for you, the best sequence, and hope for the best.

CORE is your guide on this safe, progressive approach to long-term physical and mental fitness. As you travel the CORE Success Map with your fellow CORE Crew members, you’ll get support, encouragement… and see real results. No matter where you start, CORE will guide you on your fitness goals.

Each month, we deep dive into a different physical focus and mindset theme. This combo — tapping the powerful mind-body connection — is what makes CORE effective. Each month’s themes build on the prior month. Your fitness builds in a safe, progressive, proven way.

Here's A Look At What You'll Get Access to Every Month...

CORE Crew Supportive Community

We get it. Doing exercise at home can be lonely sometimes. So that’s why the CORE Crew is so awesome. Supportive, encouraging, motivating. We’re here for each other and cheer on everyone’s next steps.

Both inside our private Facebook group and in our community forums on CORE, we take the idea of “core community” seriously.

Mindset With Misha

True fitness is about way more than how many pushups you can do or what your resting heart rate is. It’s about how good we feel — both physically and mentally.

If you find limiting beliefs are holding you back, we’re here to help you break through so you can start achieving your goals. Each month, Misha goes live to talk about the mental focus component.

With topics from the limitations of pain and time, to our relationship with food and setting ourselves up for long-term success, bring your questions and get direct feedback on these important topics.

Monthly Challenges

In the middle of each month, get ready for a fun, motivating, and energizing CORE Challenge! Each one will support the monthly Success Map theme, giving you even more power to master the month and all the benefits in store.

But don’t worry. CORE Challenges won’t include eating live bugs or building a shelter by braiding seaweed. Think more like “I didn’t know I could have so much fun with cardio!”

CORE Success Map

The quickest way to a destination is a straight line. In the case of fitness, it’s a path that’s strategically designed to build fitness in a progressive way and focused on the long-term benefits (not “drop 20 pounds in a weekend”).

We created the CORE Success Map to absolutely take your fitness to new levels you may have only dreamed of. We do it in a safe way, with each month building on the one before. You don’t have to worry about figuring out what exercises to do when.

All you need to go is give yourself the gift of following each month’s daily and weekly plan, and before long, you’ll be feeling a new level of fitness.

Weekly Workouts

Your Workout of the Week will sync with each month’s fitness focus and give you targeted workouts that make it easy and fun to workout daily. By the end of the week, you’ll have completed a full-body workout that hits all the important areas.

For those days you’re feeling extra energetic or wanting a little more challenge, you can also do the “master path” content.

Workout Video Library

Within the full CORE exercise library, you can find workouts focusing on different areas, using certain props or equipment, targeting rehab or recovery, and so many more. In addition to the robust search and category tools, you can build your own “Favorites” list if you have workouts you love.
Do you have a Pilates Reformer machine at home? You can add the exclusive Reformer workout video content to your membership.


Do you have a Pilates Reformer machine at home? You can add the exclusive Reformer workout video content to your membership.


Providing safe alternatives for injuries, chronic pain, or specific needs


Increasing athleticism by cueing options to increase an exercise’s endurance, strength, or performance load


Variations provided to decrease the demand of an exercise to ensure safety and maximize effectiveness to attain your goals

CORE Subscriptions

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Reformer Add-On Bundle

Get access to our exclusive Reformer workouts as an add-on bundle. You will have 24/7 access to the CORE reformer library of more than 50+ videos (27+ hours), with more added all the time. Each workout video has modifications so you can tailor the workout to your needs.

Click here to purchase this add-on if you already have a membership, or if you are new to CORE purchase in the links above to get your membership started and there is an option to add-on in the checkout form.

This is an add-on to our CORE Engagement Membership and you must have an active membership to have access to this library once purchased.

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What people are saying

Wait, I’ve Got Questions

No Problem… We've Got Answers

Q: I already have a trainer and workout program? Would adding CORE be too much? How will it help?

A: the CORE program stands on its own as a total body workout program. If you are adding this to your existing weekly fitness program- look to CORE as a way to balance the body to reduce injury and increase awareness. The varied workouts will reduce complacency and adaptation in the body to help overcome any plateaus you may be experiencing. The program workouts are short and great to tack on to existing workouts. The exercise library will also offer “push play and go” videos for things your program may be lacking – be it recovery, mobility drills, strength, or spinal health.

Q: I want to join CORE, but don’t think I will get every workout in.

A: Doing something is still better than doing nothing and every step is a step closer to your goal. This program is built to fit your lifestyle. It is understandable that you may miss a day. The short workouts allow for you to combine two days if desired. You will still see improvements and steps closer to your goals in participating in this program as much as possible.

Q: Can I take a bit more time to think about it and join later?

A: Of course, but keep in mind registration is only open certain times of the year. This is to ensure quality programming and supporting participants on their way to accomplishing their goals.

Life happens, and often there is seemingly never a perfect time to start. The perfect time to start is to START!