Maintenance & Safety

Pilates Reformer

Brought to you by CORE

Owning your own Reformer puts your fitness and long-term wellness goals in your control. But like with any piece of equipment, merely owning a Reformer and actually using it correctly can be very different things. Form and safety are crucial in Pilates.

If you own a Reformer — or you’re thinking of getting one for your home exercise program — these short Maintenance and Safety videos can help you get the most out of your equipment and enjoy the benefits of a Pilates workout.


Simple maintenance only takes a few minutes and helps your Reformer last for years.

  • Watch reformer maintenance video
  • Keep the rails clean
  • Check the springs regularly
  • Check the bolts and screws regularly


These tips can help you use your Reformer safely and effectively.

  • Watch reformer safety video
  • Be sure the headrest is in the correct position for each exercise
  • Take off springs safely
  • Don't change springs under load
  • Find a stable point to first stand on when stepping onto the carriage

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