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Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

Joseph Pilates

Let’s celebrate Joe’s birthday the way he would want! With sharing core exercises on the reformer and connecting the Pilates community! Share your modification to the classical repertoire, add a prop, or create something fresh and new! Together we can grow, learn and celebrate Joseph Pilates the week of December 7-13!

The Schedule

Starting December 7th - 13th

  • Day 1: Hundreds
  • Day 2: Teaser
  • Day 3: Plank variation
  • Day 4: Extension prone using prop
  • Day 5: Lateral Flexion in side lying/side plank
  • Day 6: Rotation in high kneeling
  • Day 7: Flexion on all 4s

How to participate? Super simple!

  • Follow all hosts and sponsor
  • Use hashtag #coreative
  • Share this page and tag some friends to join
  • Post a Video each day and tag all hosts and sponsor so we can like and comment on your posts!
  • Learn new creative core exercises on your reformer


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Our Hosts

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Central Core | Misha Patel

Atlantis Fitness and Pilates | Reed Flanagan

Jill Harris Pilates | Jill Harris

Radhikas Balanced Body | Radhika Karle



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