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Our monthly fitness success path will guide you on your journey in fitness and have support and tools along the way.

CORE Success Path

CORE is your guide on this safe, progressive approach to long-term physical and mental fitness. As you travel the CORE Success Map with your fellow CORE Crew members, you’ll get support, encouragement… and see real results.

Monthly Live Workouts

Each month, Misha leads a live workout focused on our monthly CORE Success Map themes. These full-body workouts will energize you (not exhaust you) and build upon what you’ve accomplished so far.

Monthly Challenges

Each month, get ready for a fun, motivating, and energizing CORE Challenge! Each one will support the monthly Success Map theme, giving you even more power to master the month and all the benefits in store.

Workout of the Week

Our customized workout playlists will W.O.W. you with tailored exercises each day focused around that months success path goal.

Mindsets with Misha

Monthly guided topics from the limitations of pain and time, to our relationship with food and setting ourselves up for long-term success, bring your questions and get direct feedback on these important topics.

Each month begins a new stage of your CORE Success Journey and the focus on a different fitness and mindset component. The stages build on each other, so step by step, month after month, you'll feel the results as you implement healthy changes.


Fitness: Abs & Balance
Mindset: Pain


Fitness: Arms & Legs
Mindset: Lack of Time


Fitness: Cardio Mindset: Nutrition


Fitness: Strength in Movement Mindset: Progress


Fitness: Recovery Mindset: Long-Term Habits


Whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury or chronic condition OR you’re an athlete who wants to achieve your next personal best, Misha presents ways to scale back the intensity (but not the effectiveness) or ramp up the challenge.

Every exercise video provides options for your level of ability and fitness.


Providing safe alternatives for injuries, chronic pain, or specific needs


Increasing athleticism by cueing options to increase an exercise’s endurance, strength, or performance load


Variations provided to decrease the demand of an exercise to ensure safety and maximize effectiveness to attain your goals

More than an Online Fitness Membership !

Our mission is simple yet powerful. We want to provide people all over the world with our unique and structured approach and videos to provide you the best fitness exercises, regardless of your location or access to local experts. Exercise isn’t just great for your body; it’s great for your mind and emotional state as well. We want to help you discover the no limits approach to fitness.


meet misha

Hi, I’m Misha! I want to help you attain, maintain, and maximize your fitness goals. Your needs differ from the next person, so whether you want to tone muscle, build strength, or reduce joint pain, I look forward to helping you accomplish your fitness goals.
Exercise isn’t just great for your body. It’s also going to help you feel happier, more optimistic, and give you more energy.
My favorite thing about what I do is seeing how people transform both mentally and physically when they incorporate proper exercise into their lifestyle.
I focus on creating safe, yet challenging, routines which will never grow boring, with endless modifications, progressions, and regressions, so even if you have injuries or limitations, you can start to feel pain free and limitless from anywhere!

Misha Bechtolsheim is a fully certified STOTT Pilates, TRX Sports Medicine, and Z-Health Trainer providing intelligent application of movement for clinical rehab to athletic performance. She manages and teaches at her two studios MPS in San Jose, California, and Central Core in Pismo Beach, California. Misha has been honored by Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2018 Top 40 Under 40 and Metro Magazine’s Best of Silicon Valley 5 years consecutively.
An instructor, teacher trainer, and frequent lecturer, her expertise in kinesiology paired with her dedication and keen sense of brain-based exercise innovation have benefited over 60 professional and Olympic athletes and over a thousand injury rehab and special population clientele.