Fit in Five

Strong Mind, Strong Body


Starts on January 17, 2022


Are you tired of:

Are You Ready to:

Are you ready to feel better WITHOUT spending hours working out every week?

Fit in Five is a better way to fitness and whole-body health. Forget about going to the gym, cranking out miles on the treadmill, enduring high-impact cardio that exhausts you, or starving yourself.

Fit in Five takes you through five progressive focus areas — and integrates both body and mind aspects of fitness. After all, what’s the point of working out if our mental limiting beliefs are trying to hold us back?

We’re going to change that pattern and show you how much progress you can make in just five days.

Here’s your Fit in Five Transformation Workshop Success Map and what we’ll cover each day:

DAY 1:

Fitness: abs and balance
Mindset: pain

DAY 2:

Fitness: arms & legs
Mindset: lack of time

DAY 3:

Fitness: cardio Mindset: food

DAY 4:

Fitness: strength in movement Mindset: progress

DAY 5:

Fitness: recovery Mindset: long-term habits

Fit in Five Transformation Workshop is about to rock your reality of what effective workouts can be and the results you can see in less than a week. All without boredom, repetitive stress on your joints, restrictive diets, and huge time commitment.

Your Fit in Five Transformation Workshop Includes:

  • Daily workouts on our CORE portal; each focused on the day’s body and mindset theme
  • Tips and resources to keep you motivated
  • Invitation to a special BONUS webinar to keep your momentum going

Disclaimer **check with your doctor if you have any concerns before starting an exercise program.