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You’ll end each webinar feeling better than when you started.

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Workshop Descriptions

In these free, live workouts, Misha will lead you through different exercises. From full-body workouts, to mind-body connection, to targeting specific areas. 
No matter the topic, you will:
💪 Get your body moving.
😃 Feel how exercise can increase your mental and physical well-being
⚡ Experience the CORE streaming workout platform
💯 Participate in exercises that are for everybody — whether you have a prior injury or limitations OR if you’re an athlete looking to improve fitness.

Vision in real life is not sitting in the eye doctor’s office reading an eye chart on a white wall with black letters. It is being able to recognize and react appropriately to the things you see from different angles, different speeds, in different colors, and with different parts of your environment moving. 

We’ll cover how to have truly better vision, plus and improve your near- and far-sightedness. You’ll learn exercises that will dramatically improve the way you see — and, therefore move — in just 1 hour.

When it comes to relieving pain, knowledge is power. Once we really understand pain, the whys and the hows, then we can more accurately assess and address it. 

Using a brain-based and neuro-science approach, you’ll learn what pain really is and how simple actions can help relieve pain — not mask it.  

This workshop is for everyone. Whether from a minor injury to life-changing surgery, we’ve all had pain. We’ve burned ourselves on something hot, have a chronic or acute injury, have a stiff neck, get dizzy when we stand up, rolled our ankle, felt a twinge when we move. 

Now it’s time to feel better and learn how to use your brain to bring real pain relief.

Your brain’s neuroplasticity and continual ability to create new neural pathways means that creating movement in one joint relates to movement in the mirror joint (left elbow to right knee, for example). Because of this, mirror joint work can increase mobility, speed healing and return a joint to proper function without involving the painful joint.  We’ll cover the typical ailments of knee, shoulders and low back, but also explore TMJ, carpal tunnel, and much more.

Are you ready to learn to breathe better? There are hundreds of different breathing systems around the world. And they all have one thing in common: bringing conscious focus to your breathing instead of defaulting to automatic breathing.

This workshop will teach you how to improve the quality of your breath. You’ll discover the power of breathing well and how to change your focus, bringing breath from an unconscious process to a life-giving action. 

While most people with scoliosis have a mild form of the disorder, severe scoliosis can cause complications, including chronic back pain, lung and heart damage, and affect mobility.

In addition, 86% of those suffering from scoliosis also have vestibular issues (balance issues, vertigo, motion sickness, ear issues, dizziness, etc). This can usually also lead to visual impairments requiring corrective lenses or more.

If you do not have scoliosis, but you have an injury that has you imbalanced, any vestibular issues, spinal injuries, or more, you will benefit from this course!

This workshop will not just go into movements that are beneficial, but how to rehabilitate from the brain with vision and vestibular drills.

“Life hacks” are strategies or techniques adopted with the goal of managing one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way. In just an hour, learn 5 neuro life hacks that will aid you in moving more efficiently, building strength, and feeling better. 

Whether you are a professional athlete, workout enthusiast, have a neurological disorder, or want to simply improve your quality of life, these 5 tips will apply to you.


Misha Bechtolsheim

Owner and lead instructor at MPS (San Jose), and Central Core (Pismo Beach)

Misha Bechtolsheim is a fully certified STOTT Pilates, TRX Sports Medicine, and Z-Health Trainer providing intelligent application of movement for clinical rehab to athletic performance. Through the CORE streaming workout program, she helps you attain, maintain, and maximize your fitness goals. Her expertise in kinesiology paired with her dedication and keen sense of brain-based exercise innovation have benefited over 60 professional and Olympic athletes and over a thousand injury rehab and special population clientele. She manages and teaches at her two studios MPS in San Jose, California, and Central Core in Pismo Beach, California.