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Take your workouts to the next level of effectiveness.

Get the workout you want, when you want it — with your CORE Engagement streaming subscription.


Benefits of Your CORE Membership

  • CORE membership gives you access to our unique library of workout videos designed to create whole-body fitness.
  • If you're looking for even more support and structure to succeed on your fitness journey, I encourage you to join me in the CORE Engagement platform.

CORE is your online fitness partner.

With a library of more than 100 workout videos (and more added all the time), CORE provides you workouts focused on total body, upper body, lower body, abs, cardio, recovery, pregnancy, rehab and more. CORE gives you the workout you want, when you want it. 

But CORE is so much more than just great workouts. It’s based on more than a decade of teaching based on sound exercise physiology plus the unique and effective layers of neuro-science and brain-based exercise. In each workout, you’ll learn what to do to make each move safe and effective — no matter your limitations. With the CORE approach — including modifications, progressions, and regressions, you’ll soon feel limitless!

Want to try a sample? Here are two videos to give you a taste of what you’ll find in CORE!

Couch Potato Workout

Gotta couch (or chair or ottoman)? Then get ready for a great workout in this full-body CORE Couch Potato Workout! You’ll get a taste 😋 of the CORE workouts — legs, arms, core, cardio, and stretching PLUS our signature tips for modifications, regressions, and progressions so you can workout safely and effectively for your fitness level and current needs!

Designed for You

Your fitness goals are personal and always evolving. CORE puts the power of fitness in your hands!

Neuro Workout: Neuro Neck Pain

If you have neck pain or stiffness, follow along with this quick video (just 65 seconds!) to discover the power of neuro-based training to relieve pain, increase mobility, and improve overall wellbeing. (If you have vertigo, only swivel a 1/4 circle or go very slowly.)

Neurological Exercises

Tap and remap your brain with neurocentric movement based exercises that will aid your body’s ability to heal injuries, overcome chronic pain, and improve sports performance.

Special Benefits in the CORE Engagement Package

Workout of the Week

Structured Weekly Workouts

  • Every week, I email you my curated Workout of the Week (WOW!) with three specially selected videos.
  • Every week, I email you a guide with tips and focus areas for the WOW.
  • Every week, you'll get a new, safe, fun, and challenging workout.
  • Every week, your guided WOW gets you in your best shape — safely — starting from where you are.
  • Every WOW is always available in your CORE Engagement video library. You can access it again anytime you like.

Explore a new combination of workout videos every week and feel the benefits in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Weekly Live Webinars

Live Interactive Workouts

  • Join me every week for a LIVE workout on our CORE Engagement streaming platform.
  • Each LIVE workout integrates with the Workout of the Week.
  • You benefit from a weekly planned workout approach that brings your fitness to the next level — safely.
  • LIVE workouts are held different days and times each week to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Every LIVE Webinar is always available in your CORE Engagement video library. You can access it again anytime you like.

Workout right along with me every week, and join your CORE Engagement companions on this fun, effective path to fitness. 

Neurological Exercises

Neuro/Brain-Based Content

  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge neuroscience and brain-based exercise in my specialized teaching approach.
  • Experience the benefits of exercise that incorporates healthy brain function into challenging, fun workouts.
  • Invaluable for anyone with Parkinsons or other neurological disorders.
  • Beneficial for everyone in proactively maintaining and improving brain function.
  • Every neuro-based workout video is always available in your CORE Engagement video library.

Tap and remap your brain with neurocentric movement based exercises that will aid your body’s ability to heal injuries, overcome chronic pain, and improve sports performance.

More than an Online Fitness Membership !

Our mission is simple yet powerful. We want to provide people all over the world with our unique approach and videos to provide you the best fitness exercises, regardless of your location or access to local experts. Exercise isn’t just great for your body; it’s great for your mind and emotional state as well. We want to help you discover the benefits.


meet misha

Hi, I’m Misha! I want to help you attain, maintain, and maximize your fitness goals. Your needs differ from the next person, so whether you want to tone muscle, build strength, or reduce joint pain, I look forward to helping you accomplish your fitness goals.
Exercise isn’t just great for your body. It’s also going to help you feel happier, more optimistic, and give you more energy.
My favorite thing about what I do is seeing how people transform both mentally and physically when they incorporate proper exercise into their lifestyle.
I focus on creating safe, yet challenging, routines which will never grow boring, with endless modifications, progressions, and regressions, so even if you have injuries or limitations, you can start to feel pain free and limitless from anywhere!

Yes! Sign me up for CORE.


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