There’s a better way to energize your workout — and your vibrant life. One that’s quicker, more effective, and more fun, too.

Recharge Your Life

Energize your fitness today


No matter what your age, you can improve your health – physical and emotional strength and whole-body wellness.

There’s a better way to build more health in less time – because working out smarter is way more effective than working out harder.

In just 14 days, you’ll feel the results from short, effective exercises – you’ll feel energized, not exhausted, and ready to get back to your busy life.

Can You Relate, Right Now?

You know you want to feel better and more healthy, but life keeps getting in the way. 

You’re afraid of starting an exercise program because it might be just one more failure – either you don’t finish, you get injured, or you lose motivation because you can’t fit it into your busy days. 

You’re worried that you’re not even fit enough to start. 

But instead, what if…

You can recharge your life, your health, your energy.

You can finally know, deep in your soul, that: 

  • better health is possible (and small steps will get you there)
  • your body is capable
  • you’ll have success doing short daily workouts that build confidence and momentum

You. Can. Do. This.      Start Today

Behind the scenes of the Core workouts and programs. Learn more about our workout secrets!

The Value of Your Health

We all know that you can’t put a price tag on health and wellness in mind and body. 

But we do believe that the small amount of time and money you invest in this 14 Day Recharge program will repay you many times over.

Give us two weeks (and just $1 a day) and your commitment to the process, and we’re confident we can show you that your health is in your control. You have what it takes to succeed. Feeling good is just a few minutes away. Living the life you dream about can be a reality.

When you win the game of health, you win the game of life.

What’s the Risk?

Maybe you started a fitness program in January, filled with optimism and excitement. You kept at it for a few days, or a few weeks. 

But then the program didn’t work for you. Maybe you got injured, it was too intense, or you just couldn’t sustain the amount of time and effort needed. 

Or you didn’t start a program because you were waiting to see what changes were coming in the world.

Either way, you’re at the same place. You know you want to feel better. And you’ve just let three months of possibility and progress slip away.

We see two options.

  1. Take the risk now and invest 14 days in your health so you feel a difference in two weeks.  
  2. Take the risk of not committing to your health and letting another two weeks pass, and then another month, as your health continues to stagnate. 

It’s never too late to start creating the life you envision.

When you win the game of health, you win the game of life.

Here's our promise:

If you commit to your health for 14 days, we promise you’ll come to the end of the program feeling better than you did when you started. And with the clarity and confidence that you have the ability to improve your health and knowing that your body is capable.

What’s the Program Look Like Every Day?

Imagine how easy it will be to feel better in just two weeks. Here’s how your 14 Day Recharge program will get you there.

  • You determine the best time that works for your life and block out your schedule. Mornings before work? Lunch time? Evenings after work? 
  • You log in with a simple click to a website and enter your email and password. Nothing to download or install. 
  • You do the workout for the day. Each is just a few minutes. Over the next 14 days, the exercises will take you on a progressive arc through a carefully selected range of exercises (abs, strength, cardio, neuro, recovery, and much more). 
  • You’ll get tips, support, and encouragement along the way.
  • You feel recharged, energized, and ready to get back to your busy day. 
  • Rinse & repeat daily. 

At the end of your 14 Day Recharge, you’ll realize how much better you feel and how much energy you can generate in a few minutes a day.

What’s Next?

When you sign up for the 14 Day Recharge program, you’ll get access to the daily workout website. 

The content is listed for each day to easily guide you and help you focus on the achievable path we’ve created for you.

Additionally, you’ll get access to more information to boost your efforts and results along the way.

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